President’s Report

August 2021

Around the bend – the ravings of your President.

After an enjoyable day sniffing ‘start ya bastard’ and mumbling ex-pletives at the J Van whilst everyone else was working hard at our Euroday, I finally got the old girl going reasonably well. The following weekend was the first opportunity to get a few miles up on her so we hit the open road.

70kph is a good cruising speed without overstressing her (I know how to overstress a car). She takes the whole lane to drive straight (we need to fix her steering box), and she corners like a sailing ship (the lean is scary if unprepared). I’d rate the pucker factor at around 9 due to the afore-mentioned, plus there being no seatbelt (lucky I’m a child of the 1960s), small slab seat and sliding full height doors.

I was highly amused (easy to do) as I did overtake a modern car on Kooragang straight. I was in the slow lane doing 70 in an 80 zone and they were going even slower than me! They weren’t that old and didn’t have mechanical issues. Another example of the lowest com-mon denominator.

It was nice to start her a couple of weeks later and she came straight up on 4 cylinders like a good girl. Amazing what a good drive will do. I still don’t think I’ll take her on a tuning run… unless I head off a day early.

Now to all the events that have been affected by Covid.

A young club member of many years standing organises a Mini extravaganza run to Rylstone each year (until Covid intervened). I have my name down for the main event and Bev and I are invited ‘brains trust’ officials, so we hit the back roads for the ‘pre ignition’ run to set the route and observation questions. It was definitely an MGB roof down affair. The Blanchs Snr and Jnr and Jnr/ Jnr (yep 3 generations) joined the group in their MGBGT and MGF.

I’m talking before the fact here but using my crystal ball, I’m predicting that due to the ongoing lockdown, the decision was made to put the classic off until later in the year. We’re all hoping that we will all have the freedom to enjoy the drive again soon

The Club’s committee was up for election again and once again, the election had to occur online due to the fact that we weren’t allowed to have a gathering.

I was the Returning Officer again to make sure the election was legally run. Nominations came in and positions filled. Nominations closed at 1700 hours on Friday 23rd July. At that time almost all the committee have returned for another year. Same faces yet again.

The last year or so have been difficult to navigate in some ways and easier in others. Either way, none of us have experience to fall back on so in a way we are sailing blind and trying to do our best and what is right by the community and the club .

Had a nice run in Bev’s Midget on the Christmas in July run. Thanks to Anne and Jeff for their hard work. It was only cold so the roof was down (and the heater on… the luxury). Nice to see the Lauffs doing similar.

I can’t see the lockdown changing at all in the next few months. At this time and until we say otherwise, please assume that the club night is NOT happening. We’ll run the flag back up the pole as soon as we are allowed.

Outdoor events and runs still currently look ok (I hope).

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page and our web site for updates.

Stay safe,

See you soon.