Club Captain’s Report

April 2021

Clubman Run News

The almost Second Club Run for 2021 Hi Everyone just a quick message for this  month. Unfortunately due to Mother Nature once again, this time rain and floods, we had to cancel March Clubman Run ending up at Ellalong Hotel for lunch. Sally and I were sure that this run would be a good one, as we plotted out the drive the Sunday before in the pouring rain. We also had to stop off at the Ellalong Hotel and check out the parking facilities as well as sampling the lunch menu. We can confirm that lunches will be excellent.

A little example of what we could have been in for if we had continued with the Run.

However, don’t be upset that you missed out as we will be attempting to do this same event for the April Clubman Run. Please contact myself and Anne for your participation and numbers for lunch. Until then be safe, try to get out and give your pride and joy a run and remember the other Club activities during the month in which you may like to participate in, especially the Tuesday Club Meetings.

See you on the road.

Jeff Lauff

Club Captain