Club Captain’s Report

May 2021

Clubman Run News

What a magnificent day we had for our club run, travelling along some lovely scenic roads. It definitely was worth the month delay to enjoy this full packed event. Seventeen MG’s and one Morris Minor took part at various stages of this event.

Nine MG’s and fourteen members started the trip from the club house at 10am. We travelled West along Newcastle road until the roundabout at Jesmond, then we headed out past Bunning’s and through Minmi. Unfortunately, we came to a sudden stop with a traffic holdup – Sunday morning grass cutting along the roads edges.

This only held us up for ten minutes which we soon made up along Lenaghans Drive and old Black Hill Road. We arrived on time at eleven o’clock to Maitland Park for Morning Tea. Two other MGB’s and two MGF’s joined our tour for Morning Tea and chats. Christine was able to get her newly acquired MGTF to self unlock and joined us for a quick cuppa as well, before we were on the road again.

After a cuppa and cake and of course many chats with good friends, I called an end at 11.40 so we could get to our next meeting spot at the Ettalong Pub for lunch.

Once again it was a very pleasant trip, with a few pot holes to negotiate, but everyone kept up including Colin who had to stop and get petrol in Kurri. On arriving into Ettalong we were greeted by a number of Holden Toranas parked out the front of the Pub, plus numerous motorcycles on their Sunday outing. Not to worry, Anne had booked our tables well ahead. Four other couples joined our ever increasing numbers for lunch.

We all enjoyed marvellous meals from such an extensive menu in glorious sunshine. Jim had to borrow a hat because of the sun and Charlie decided to make his own from a black serviette. Very creative!

At the conclusion of lunch Anne had organised an afternoon tea or wine tasting for us at Millbrook Estate.

Only a small hardy band continued on for the afternoon tea with only two members deciding to do the full sampling of the delights from Millbrook Estate Winery and Distillery. Sally now has completed her traineeship in driving MGs by escorting me professionally and safely home after I had numerous samplings of quality wine and spirits. Thanks must go to Anne for her organisation and planning for such a full packed and enjoyable day.

Next month’s club run will be to the Tilligerry Motorfest and display, We will leave the club house at 8am to arrive by 9am if you wish to travel up as a group. However, you can make your own way if you prefer.

Until then be safe.

Try to get out and give your pride and joy a run and remember the other Club activities during the month in which you may like to participate in, especially the Tuesday Club Meetings.

See you on the road.

Jeff Lauff

Club Captain