Club Captain’s Report

October 2021

The Next Adventure in our Covid Lockdown – Club Run for October 2021

Hi Everyone.

Just a quick message for this Ground Hog month. Unfortunately due to continual lockdown and large numbers of infection in our Local Government Areas the October Club Run has been cancelled. Hopefully with the increasing percentages of fully vaccinated community we may be able to hold a Club Run in November. We now can have up to five fully vaccinated people go on picnics, so hopefully by November this number will increase so that a run could be organised. This would include our normal bring your own morning tea in a park somewhere with toilets and cover. Lunch would be a picnic style or Barbecue.

This lucky couple enjoying a double vaccinated picnic by the water.

So as I hinted from last month, with all this extra time at our disposal due to lockdown, have you been preparing for our parole in the near future??

Hopping into your cars can be seen as a possibility and your first postCovid trip needs to be planned. The feeling of the wind in your hair and the sun on your face, ( remember the sun screen and hat) the open road has never felt more appealing.

Now before we head off on this magical adventure we need to make sure this first outing doesn’t turn into the ‘nightmare from hell’, as our pride and joy glides to a halt by the side of the road. Fortunately we can do a few things to prevent this happening before we embark on this journey.

Six basic Maintenance checks

No 1. Check your battery.

As you and your car have been leading a very sedentary lifestyle over these many months, meaning we don’t regularly drive our cars these days, the battery is the first thing to suffer. To keep the battery fully charged we should run the car for a short time every few days or invest in a small trickle charger in which the car can be on charge all the time, ready for an escape.

No 2. Tyres.

Sitting in the garage over extended time the tyres can develop flat spots and lose pressure. This is a simple fix. Using your own pressure gauge for accuracy, inflate and check all four tyres, PLUS the spare to the correct pressure.

No 3. Perform an oil change.

Check the Brake and Clutch fluids and top up if required. Change the engine oil if you have the skills, as oil will deteriorate being left over time with contaminates.
Also check the radiator fluids and top up.

No 4. Refill your fuel tank.

Petrol loses its potency and goes stale over time. Without fresh fuel your car will not perform and will run like a hairy goat.

No 5. Mother Nature.

Over time, left in a garage or in the elements, the paint work can get marked and dusty. So give it a good wash and polish if you haven’t already done so. Can’t go out with a dirty car!

No 6. Final Checks.

Safety checks include:

  • All lights
  • Seat belts – no frayed edges or difficult operation
  • Windscreen and wipers
  • Mirrors.

All road trips require a healthy supply of snacks and drinks. Also a decision on where to go. Or does this really matter as long as we can escape into the country side, and for some of us, with the roof down letting the fresh air blow through our hair?

Until we are let out, be safe, read our Journal or go onto Facebook and the website, to find out what is happening in our area.

Hope to see you on the road soon

Jeff Lauff

Club Captain