Club Captain’s Report

August 2021

Clubman Run News – Christmas In July

Our July Club Run included a Christmas in July lunch. Anne our So-cial Director organised this event to be held at the Riverside Inn in Morpeth. The morning started out bright and sunny with a slight breeze. We had eighteen starters in eleven MGs commencing from the club house and six other members joining us for lunch at the Pub.

Unfortunately the weather was again not so kind. As we approached our morning tea stop at the Riverside Park in Raymond Terrace the wind became cyclonic and arctic cold. Even with these extreme conditions every member participated in the coffee and chat. Even if it was a very short one! Being a very responsible club outing, each club member donned their COVID mask and was socially respectful, until the hot coffee was poured.

Many tried to pour their coffee normally. However, Sally found that if you poured it horizontally you had better luck and much more ended up in your mug.

Carol forgot her maritime training about tipping liquids with the wind and not into. Even with this extreme weather, it didn’t dampen the spirits for everyone to enjoy the conversation and contact with friends who we now only see occasionally and in controlled settings.

Hopefully, the COVID lockdowns and restrictions will end soon.

To get to our lunch stop from Raymond Terrace was only a quick 20 minute run. So once again, as Anne tells everyone, I can organize a quick trip into a scenic extended journey. I found going through Seaham back streets then across to Hinton made the morning inter-esting. I was told during lunch by a member that they often go through Seaham but have never seen the roads I took everyone on.

Finally we arrived at our destination and all parked out the front of the Hotel. Anne welcomed everyone as they entered the hotel with a cheery Elf greeting, all decked out in Christmas red attire and an Elf’s hat. The tables and area was decorated in a glorious Christmas theme, Christmas trees, bon bons and stockings hanging over the fireplace. Well done Anne, great organisation even with a little stress.

See you on the road.

Jeff Lauff

Club Captain