President’s Report

February 2024

The new year has started out very well with great attendance at the Square Riggers Lunch and at our first clubman run, the breakfast run to Blackalls Park, it is great to see so many members keen to get their cars out and enjoy each others company, thanks to Sally and Jeff for getting to the park early and reserving tables for us, we also had a new, soon to be members couple come along to join in.

For those attending the 2024 National Meeting we will be having a talk on all things National Meeting at our next Club night.

I would also like to thank Peter, John and Andrew for cleaning the old signage of the front windows of our club house, parts of the signage was missing and a lot was peeling off, but we did get over 30 years out of it, thanks to the talent of the late Jeff Redman. The new signage should be in place in about a month.

Now onto some road safety, with an increase in speed and traffic light cameras, unmarked police cars, cameras parked on the side of the road for speeding and mobile phone detection, I am putting a reminder out to all members to be mindful of your speed, phone use, drugs and alcohol intake whilst you are out enjoying your cars, it is your licence and your responsibility, not that of our club, but we wouldn`t like to hear our club's name mentioned over some media outlet if one of us got caught.

Octagonally Yours,

Denny Bowden,
President MGCCHR