President’s Report

May 2022

Around the bend – the ravings of your President.

The National Meeting is now done and dusted, the results are etched in the record books forever. Congratulations to everyone that stepped up and stood with pride on the competitors side of the fence. Thanks to all those that came along to support us, but you really missed a great meeting.

Never in the field of the MGCCHR and National Meetings was so much owed by so many to so few’. Why do I badly misquote Sir Winston Churchill? Its because a first was achieved at the 2022 MG National Meeting that this club has never achieved in its 35 year history. The MG Car Club Hunter Region came equal 1st in the Nuffield Trophy. This is one of the big two club awards up for grabs at a National Meeting.

Early in the 1950’s, Lord Nuffield commissioned and presented four prestigious trophies to the MG Car Club UK so that they would recognise the achievements of the overseas centres in Europe, South Africa, United States and Oceania (thats where Australia is).

The award is based on the Concours and Motorkhana only and each club is represented by 2% of its nominated MG ownership numbers. A minimum of 5 and max 20 (ours would be 3.8 members so we go 5).” The total points scored by our clubs 5 members is calculated and averaged.

The resultant average will be the measure of the clubs performance. The club with the highest average wins.

Our club had 20 MGs entered in the concours (18 members) and ended with five 1sts, six 2nds and four 3rds. Seven members competed in the motorkhana with a 1st and four 2nds. Fortunately for us, it was the same 5 members that got places in both event. We only just had the numbers to do it. Seven members standing up and representing the club, from over 190 MG owning members, competing in the required events.

Just a quick side, was it Freudian that Bevs National Meeting competition number (#95) was the same as Lightning McQueen? If you saw her in the motorkhana you may think it appropriate.

A massive congratulations to every one of our 18 competitors and 5 social entrants. You all got to enjoy the full experience. It has been a long time and I'm looking forward to the next.

For those that think the National Meetings entry fee of $375 was too expensive, it was 5 days with 3 catered dinners, a huge catered breakfast, 3 social events, 4 competition events and a social run. Ive just receive the entry application for the HSRCA June race meeting. A jaw dropping $595 entry with no social or meals plus $200 if I want a marquee spot, plus accommodation, plus travel, plus meals. Now thats expensive. Over $1000 for a 2 day event. It is strange as I dont mind paying more than that overall if were traveling to another state for a meeting, but then the entry costs are less.

Motorsport Australia have also massively increased competition licence fees. I think between them, they may have crushed my desire to compete. I might just restrict myself to an occasional GEAR meeting, a local hill climb or two, maybe a visit to my MG Racing friends down in Victoria and National Meetings. Its a waste of a nice race car but other organisations making huge profits from me doesnt float my boat.

Talking about attending National Meetings, next year is in Adelaide. Their Bulletin 1 is elsewhere in the magazine. Their concours will be in the usual beautiful Glenelg, with the hot radiator events out at Tailem Bend.

2024 National Meeting will be hosted by MGCC NSW in Goulburn (featuring Wakefield Park if its still there), and 2025 sees the MGCC Sunshine Coast hosting in Gympie Queensland. Yes, I always look at where the Sprint is being held. If the Sprint interests me, the National Meeting interests me.

You have to admit, MGs are an extremely reliable car (dont believe some TV hosts or Facebook influencers that have no idea) if you look after them. Im particularly talking about As, Bs, Cs, V8s and Midgets. They are a pleasure to own and if you spend a little, they will reward you with years of fun. Actually, unless you are stupidly abusive (yes, that is letting the car sit there for 6 months without a run), they still give you their heart and soul every time.

Ive spent a lot of time and effort with Bevs Midget over the past six months. That will hopefully make up for 20 years of ownership where very little was spent. The B is our touring MG, so too the Midget. I was stupidly abusive and the poor thing probably didnt get started for almost 8 months. A battery explosion saw a new battery put in a while back and she still started first hit.

So, the only true test of your MG is at a National Meeting. This is a big pond thing. To win a class at our club concours, hill climb or motorkhana is still playing in a small pond. To play on the national stage is a whole different ball game. The nice part is, there are no restrictions with everyone welcome and applauded for just having a go.

It was a bit strange leading up to the meeting because we didnt have to spend a couple of days and a thousand kilometres getting there. It was nice to see the Facebook posts from old and new friends about their journeys. It takes a few meetings to finally build up some friendships but it is well worth the effort.

If all this talk has you intrigued, then you now will have to spend heaps more as you need to travel. It sounds like it will be a long time before we see another National Meeting at home. Our club is not in any position to even think about running one because of the lack of people that are willing to get involved. Im already working out the logistics of next Easter. What are you doing 7th 11th April next year?