President’s Report

November 2021

Around the bend – the ravings of your President.

There are times when inspiration walks straight up to you and kicks you in the old Niagaras, and other times when you have to go on a search and rescue mission to find something. This is definitely the second.

I’ve been plodding in the shed with the usual frustrations waiting for work to be done by others, waiting for the lockdown to finish and giving the usual mates a hand with their MGs.

The same 3 names have appeared regularly in my articles, and once again this month, these boys have managed to keep me entertained. I’ve managed to fit them all in after we were all released from Covid home detention. It is strange that when you are locked down, you really miss going to a mates place and getting your hands dirty. You don’t realise how important the little things in life are.

The Redman TC is getting exciting. Matt and Austin Blanch have put in a lot of hours fettling
the engine and supercharger. The engine was dropped in last weekend and the bits are slowly
being fitted. The day it speaks again will be greatly celebrated. Evan as always has it updated on Facebook before we are even sitting down for a beer. I know Matt is waiting on the TC’s departure before starting work on his race B.

I’ve been up to Tamworth again to visit John Colville and do some jobs on his TF. Unfortunately out of the three days I spent there, I got about an hour working on what I went there to do on the MG. Yet another trip is planned for later in November. Fortunately the mice seem to be absent at the moment. I hope it stays that way. I’ve been giving an ex (and hopefully future) member a hand to awaken his late Dad’s long sleeping Rubber Nose B. This is turning out a lot harder than a quick oil change, charge the battery and away you go. Stale fuel clogged every part of the fuel system (and I mean every part), the cooling system needed totally replacing and now, after running last week, has lost almost all compression. Apparently one cylinder isn’t enough to sustain life.

There were sticky valves on 1, 3 & 4. It was ‘off with its head’! The decision was the easy part, nothing was going to let go easily. Nuts were totally seized to studs. Studs were seized in the head. Fortunately it is going to be a total head refurbish job anyway so WD40, hammers and in one case an angle grinder finally got the job done.

We have to make it interesting for the professionals.

This actually points out the fact that if you don’t use it, you definitely lose it. The MGs are meant to be driven and the more you do it, the more reliable the car is. Covid has been a hassle and I know my MGs have been sitting idle for far too long. Bev and I have saved a fortune in fuel because we just haven’t been anywhere. The weekly trip to Branxton to see the kids has been on hold for too long.

Now we are double vaccinated and able to travel, we need to get the MGs out and get them up to running temperature. It’s for their own good. The tuning runs are a good opportunity. The run in late October was to Wingham, around 360 kilometre round trip. Not a bad run for

The tuning run is one of the few where we really don’t mind how many turn up, we just want to go for a long drive on great roads. It isn’t a race, just a pleasant cruise at the speed limit. I know Austin and I enjoy setting the runs on our motorbikes.

Hopefully we can start opening up the Club (and our lives) again. We are hoping to have our first (post lockdown) and last (for the year) club night in December. This will take the pressure off those not vaccinated being refused entry. There will most likely be a restriction on the number of people allowed to enter the club’s rooms. Up until then we are restricted by law to only have fully double jabbed attendees. After that, it is just ‘social distancing’ regulations.

Our Concours had to be postponed… nothing new there I hear you say. To hold it in December was suggested, but we are due for a wetter than normal storm season (and we know how good we are at attracting an east coast low to the area), and if it isn’t raining, we get burnt to a crisp. Another suggestion is that we have a go straight after the National Meeting. a) The cars should already be looking spick and span after the Nat Meet and b) we may attract a few interstaters to hang around and enjoy our hospitality. Who knows? The committee will come up with a plan.

I hope to see you all out in your MGs, somewhere around the traps.