President’s Report

December 2022

Around the bend – the ravings of your President.

Who is going to the National Meeting in Adelaide next Easter? Please let me know so I can try and coordinate the team. If you’ve made arrangements already, let me know.

Well at last I’m not away on deployment… I’m away on holidays. Bev and I have headed south to some cooler weather for the end of Spring. We’re in Tasmania (we’ll be back by now). We’ve seen snow on the side of the road, snow capped mountains and 4deg.

What we haven’t seen is the scourge of NSW and in particular the Hunter. POTHOLES!!! The roads down here are magnificent... well not pool table smooth but not tyre and suspension destroying atrocious. We spent one day driving on a main highway and the rest of the time on B or C roads. The windier the better, all with no potholes. There are still trucks on the roads but maybe they spent their money properly at the start rather than doing the cheapest job possible.

When we got to Hobart, in suburbia there are a few, but we’ve certainly had some magnificent drives. I can feel an extended ‘tuning run/ tour’ coming on (support car needed). Most of the time I really missed the fact that I wasn’t driving an MG. That was until it was pouring/ torrential/ buck-eting rain, then I may have been glad to be in a modern car, but the weather changes every 5 minutes anyway.

Not unlike the MG, there are hundreds of people in Tassie touring on mo-torbikes. Again, I was jealous until it started to rain.

On the club front, we are giving it one last try to have a Concours for 2022. It will be held in 2023 but let’s not split hairs. We’re aiming for Jan-uary 22nd and we’ll also be looking at other locations away from our tradi-tional home just in case. I have seen some really nice places that might just fit the bill. Hopefully it won’t be wet or too hot.

In the shed: Other people’s… I’ve got the young Mr Norris’ B engine most-ly back together. Another day should see start up. Hopefully that will see that job ticked.

The young Mr Colville’s TF carbies have been away to SU Midel for a full restoration. Whomever said ‘you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear’ was wrong. From the old wornout mess that I sent down, a magnifi-cent work of art came back. Now all I must do is fit them. If that is anything like the removal, it will be a long and difficult process that requires lubrica-tion (in the form of beer) and much gnashing of teeth.More on that next month, hopefully with pictures of a smiling John.

Every time I think I’ve finished Bev’s Midget, I find something else. Not necessarily a problem, but another job.

One of our older club members was cleaning out his shed after selling his B and Midget and replacing them with an MG3. Of course, being an old mate, 2 boxes of bits arrived at my place. Amongst them was an original factory radio console for a Midget, in reasonable fettle, just missing all the add on bits. All the pretty bits have been ordered.

Last thing for it would be the radio. As nice as it would be to have a modern stereo, it would detract from my originality aim for the car. There’s a company down in the Southern Highlands that does modern period look-ing units so that’s the way I’m heading.

There have been a number of comments on a Midget Facebook page that mentioned a parcel shelf that should be in the Midget. Whilst perusing the internet, I found a company that remakes the shelf, so I placed that order too. One day I’ll finish the car, or will I ever?

One of my sayings when it comes to working on car is that 95% of the time, it’s the easy option, not the most expensive (that we usually go straight to). My racing Midget is still playing silly games with its clutch. It has been for quite a while. I’d replaced it again and at the last “GEAR” meeting, it was still playing up. On the way home, Matt and Austin com-mented, ‘what about the hose’. Oh damn!

The original set up on the midget is a real pain in the proverbial to undo/ do up/ bleed etc, so I’ve gone the racing option of a hose all the way from the master to the slave cylinder (to make engine removal easier) and a remote bleeder to save me having to do contortion acts down into the footwell (I’m getting too old for that).

I hope it fixes the problem too. More next month (if I can get it on a dyno to test it).

My B, well I will have fitted a new voltage regulator by now so hopefully that will have fixed my electrical gremlins.

The Spridget, bits are still being collected for a start of work hopefully in the new year. The garage is full and there’s a lot of shuffling done to get to jobs. The workshop is always busy. It keeps my mind active.

Just to show that I have motorsport in my veins, my mower is even a CAMS special. This time however it means Confederation of Australian Mower Suppliers. I wonder if they’ve also changed their name to Mowersport Australia.

Remember: You either take the time to do it right, or make the time to do it twice.