President’s Report

September 2021

Around the bend – the ravings of your President.

Its hard to come up with things to talk about when you cant go anywhere or do anything (other than home maintenance). Youtubeis getting a big workout. Im now an expert on so many things and have a few projects to make. The use of those projects may be unknown but hey, its exercising my brain and skills.

Even getting the enthusiasm for going to play with the MGs in the shed in winter can be a challenge. More so when youre doing a rebuild that was totally avoidable and not your fault. Thank heavens for mates to keep you on the straight and narrow. NEVER underestimate the worth of just being there (or at that moment on the other end of the phone).

Anyway, the elections were run and won. There were no double nominations requiring a ballot and challengers were thin on the ground. With the exception of our new committee person, Howard White, the committee remains unchanged.

Welcome to Howard, hopefully we will all get to know him a lot better in the near future.

I was going to be away with work for a few weeks down at Perisher Valley. FRNSW does fire protection and primary rescue in the snow fields and since winter sees a huge influx of people, they send permanent firies down for that season.

No, I wasnt going to take either of the MGs (even though Bevs Midget has a heater). The fact that the car would be sitting in a car park getting buried under snow for that whole time and maybe driven two or three times (down to Jindabyne for supplies), might have pushed the friendship a tad. The lockdown put an end to that little adventure. Oh well, back to the shed.

Its been nice to give Evan Redman a hand with the TC refurbishment. Painting a few bits and generally annoying Matt Blanch whilst hes trying to work on the engine seems to be my lot in life. The hard part at the moment is how to legally pick up or drop off parts.

The race Midget is on the reassembly side of the latest rebuild. Waiting for parts is the hardest part and I cant travel to organise repair work. As they say, You know the intent so if youre looking for a loop hole in the laws to do things, you shouldnt be doing it’.

Call someone and have a chat. Stay safe... at least the weather is warming up.

See you soon.