Sporting Directors Report

June 2024

Team Hunter member Bruce Melville recently competed in a Historic event in his Lotus Elan at “Morgan Park” near Warwick in Queensland. It was Bruce’s first run at “Morgan Park” and he said thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Bruce will be competing in the upcoming “HSRCA Sydney Classic” event at SMSP Eastern creek in Regularity, We wish him good luck and look forward to a report on both events in next months club magazine.

Owner of “One Raceway” (formally “Wakefield Park” ) Steve Shelley invited “GEAR CLUB” members to come down to the track to have a look at the progress and changes that they have made to the track in the past few months as it is very impressive.

The day started with a sausage sizzle in the corporate garages where Greg Shelly gave us a run down on what they have done over the past few months, which includes massive drainage works, and those of us who have run there in the wet can tell you that it was needed. Construction of massive dirt mounds around the track with alterations to turn 2 to reduce the noise impact on the neighbouring properties. These changes were made after Steve engaged Sound Engineers to have a look at the venue to see what was required to reduce the noise levels for the surrounding neighbours. Also changes were made to turn 10 to allow the track to been run in both directions.

When run in the clockwise direction it will be called the “Wakefield Loop” and when run in anticlockwise direction it will be called the “Shelly loop”. All corners will be named as op-posed to current numbers so that it doesn’t change depending on which way it’s run.

Amenities are being up graded along with Pitt lane garages with the parking area behind being concreted also pit entry and exit has been changed to improve safety. The whole track will get a complete resurface. There will be no manned inner track flag points as they will be replaced with light poles which also addresses safety concerns where flag Marshall’s could be injured. Run off areas will be changed from the dreaded kitty litter to bitumen, as the euro circuits are now doing, to improve safety for drivers and motorcycle riders.

After the bbq it was time to go for a run around the track, which was supposed to be a walk but due to rain it was a drive around in both directions behind Steve Shelly which was great. I would say Austin Blanch had the pleasure of being the first MG to run around the track in its new form. Steve said his aim is to have a family friendly Motorsport venue and where people at all levels of Motorsport, from grassroots to pros, can enjoy.

Thanks to Steve & the “One Raceway” crew for stopping construction work over a couple of hours thus allowing us to have a look at the venue. Also thanks to Austin Blanch for the trip down in the GT.

Can’t wait to have a run there and that will hopefully be in the September “HSRCA” meeting.

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Remember drive them don’t hide them enjoy your MG.


Gary Piper