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Balancing Rostyle Tyre-Wheel Combo

Have you had your tyre and Rostyle steel wheels balanced and yet still have vibration around 90 to 100 kmh speed?

The reason for the vibration could be because the tyre shop balanced the wheels using a centred balance connection to the balancer machine. Rostyle wheels do not have the pressed centre hole actually centered to the wheel rim during manufacture like modern steel and alloy wheels.

The correct method is to set up the wheels to have the stud holes centred to the balancing machine as only the stud holes are centred to the wheel rim. Not all tyre shops have the adaptors to allow the centrering of the wheel by the stud holes so when arranging for the balancing you need to ask this question of the tyre fitter before balancing.

Do you have an adaptor to centre the wheels on the stud holes for your balancing machine?

The diagram below illustrates one such method and the Tyre Retailer that provided these illustrations asks an additional fee to provide that service.

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