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In pursuit of a peppier but quiet & cool MGB GT

As most club members may know, I am in the middle of a major overhaul of my 1976 GT.

As part of this I have been doing a number of things to my car to try and make it quieter and cooler in the cab of the MG.

Firstly as part of the engine upgrade I have put a new exhaust system but I have not fitted extractors, instead I had the cast iron manifold grit blasted and ceramic coated to keep the heat in the exhaust system and minimise radiating heat into the engine bay.

I also had the carburettors heat shield grit blasted and ceramic coated.

The engine itself is being refreshed, (big valve “O” series head with hardened valve seats fitted, ported and polished, 3 angle valve seats and the engine having cylinders honed and high compression pistons etc ) this should give the car a little more pep but also increase the heat from the engine.

Above the muffler, under the passenger floor, I have fitted a ceramic/alloy shield to reflect the heat of the exhaust away from the interior of the car.

I also sprayed deadener on the underneath of the car.

On the interior floor I have fitted “Black Silver” noise/heat matting to increase the comfort level in the cab.

Next is underlay for the carpets to further decrease noise and heat.

When the roof lining is replaced I will be installing heat insulation above the lining.

Hopefully these measures will make the cab a lot more pleasant place to be.

On The Marque – April 2022

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