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MGB Front Valence Air Duct Replacement

After successful inspection and subsequent Conditional Historic registration was completed another job for the car was the removal of the remnants of an air duct between the front valence under the front rubber bumper and the radiator. This air duct directs air from the front valence openings to the lower edge of the radiator.

Although a replacement duct item 36 above (made from a cardboard like material) is listed in Moss Europe as a replacement part I decided to attempt to form my own out of a “Plymax” panel (a plywood centre section with thin aluminium adhered to both sides forming a composite panel approximately 3 mm thick).

With the help of my friend Howard, who supplied the panel, a similar shape was formed. That was then affixed with the original set screws under the rubber bumper supporting chassis rails, but behind the front valence.

I was encouraged to replace this duct to assist with the radiator cooling function especially relevant with the current higher ambient temperatures now being experienced.

Graham Haywood

On The Marque February 2019

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