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MGF Radiator Air Flow

In this model air flow through the radiator is only effective on the lower third of the total area. Roger Parker (a technical adviser with MG Owners Club) advises trimming the slam panel to allow airflow upwards and indeed cutting the bonnet and allow the air to flow right through. That modification will also help reduce lift of the car front at speed (not a problem to those of us that only travel at legal speeds).

To retain the original bolt pattern and bonnet stay clip I mounted the panel on a drill
press and used 2 sizes of hole saws to cut away a reasonable area and allow the panel to be bolted back as normal. All parts were then painted as needed and reassembled with stainless steel bolts or screws (NB no lock washers were used originally). I have used “Locktite” and copper grease in other spots.

A trial run gave a warm bonnet so the air is flowing and given this car has 3
radiators that may help in summer.

Brian Braithwaite

On The Marque May 2020

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