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Warning on MGF “X-Part” Coil Suspension Conversion Kits

Have you fitted an “X-part” coil suspension conversion kit to your MG?
Research has identified that the earlier conversion kits from a supplier “Suplex” and some later re-branded “X-part” kits have the wrong dampers included in that kit that do not have damping in the “bound” or vertical up movement only on the “rebound as per the original dampers. The original “HydraGas” suspension units provided the damping in the “Bound” direction. The consequence of the lack of “bound’ damping means that shock loading from rough roads imparts more load into the damper and suspension unit mountings than designed for causing in many cars to have cracking occurring in the mounting supports.
A relatively easy way of checking this is to remove the lower mounting bolts of the rear dampers and pulling down then pushing up of the dampers. If good resistance to this movement is felt in the downward direction of movement but vey little in the return upward movement then that will confirm that the wrong dampers have been installed.
If adjustable dampers are installed, as with later more expensive conversion kits, then this test is not necessary and there should be damping in both directions of travel.
Internet reference :


A modification to strengthen the mounting supports by welding in stiffening plates recommended by MG Rover can be found on the internet at;


The following 2 pages are a copy of the recommendation from MG Rover to strengthen the mountings before using the MGF in the UK MGF Trophy racing.

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