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Maintenance for your Instruments

The standard Jaeger & Smiths instruments in classic cars do require expert maintenance to keep them in working order. Many of us have cars where the speedo and tacho have been in trouble-free use for over 40 years, and we’ve never had to consider getting them serviced.

However, unlike modern electronic instruments, our classic mechanical dials and gauges need inspection for wear, adjustment and lubrication. A recommended service interval is every 8-10 years. Not doing this can lead to irreparable damage to the instrument, and a costly replacement.

Some may have the skills to strip-down and service their instruments (which is good), but there are still professionals around who can provide these services. It’s going to be a good investment to keep your car on the road with as many original parts as possible.

So, if you’re going to remove and recondition your motor, maybe give thought to doing your speedo and tacho at the same time?

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