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MGB ‘Bendix’ Fuel Pump Maintenance

The fuel pump on my MGB would not stop pulsing but no fuel was getting to the carburettors. My fuel gauge was showing just above half a tank and it was previously relatively accurate. I suspected an air leak on the suction side of the pump so checked the lines out and no weepage to indicate a leak.

So, reluctantly, I removed the pump and found that it is a “Bendix” electric pump. I also unscrewed the suction end to find a blocked filter membrane, so cleaned it as well as I could, then reassembled and reinstalled the pump.

Lo and behold she pumped fuel. Now I know there is a maintenance item to be cleaned if I want fuel at the carburettors. I have also found that since the filter clean
my car’s engine is happy to rev out past the previous 4500 rpm.

Graham Haywood

March 2021

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