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Six Basic Maintenance Checks

No 1. Check your battery.

As you and your car have been leading a very sedentary lifestyle over these many months, meaning we don’t regularly drive our cars these days, the battery is the first thing to suffer. To keep the battery fully charged we should run the car for a short time every few days or invest in a small trickle charger in which the car can be on charge all the time, ready for an escape.

No 2. Tyres.

Sitting in the garage over extended time the tyres can develop flat spots and lose pressure. This is a simple fix. Using your own pressure gauge for accuracy, inflate and check all four tyres, PLUS the spare to the correct pressure.

No 3. Perform an oil change.

Check the Brake and Clutch fluids and top up if required. Change the engine oil if you have the skills, as oil will deteriorate being left over time with contaminates.
Also check the radiator fluids and top up.

No 4. Refill your fuel tank.

Petrol loses its potency and goes stale over time. Without fresh fuel your car will not perform and will run like a hairy goat.

No 5. Mother Nature.

Over time, left in a garage or in the elements, the paint work can get marked and dusty. So give it a good wash and polish if you haven’t already done so. Can’t go out with a dirty car!

No 6. Final Checks.

Safety checks include:

  • All lights
  • Seat belts – no frayed edges or difficult operation
  • Windscreen and wipers
  • Mirrors.

Jeff Lauff

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