Austin Blanch’s MGA


Owner: Austin Blanch

Model: 1958 MGA

Engine: BMC ‘B’ Series 1868cc

Built By: Austin Blanch

Purchased: 1977  



Engine: ‘B’ series bored to 1868cc, Argo rods with Lotus Cosworth forged pistons. Crankshaft is standard with scraper. APT camshaft 1.6:1 roller rockers with chrome moly tubular pushrods. Alloy flywheel, sump baffled + windage tray. Stage 4 head with extractors.

Compression ratio: 11.8:1

Peak Power output: 123hp @ 5500rpm

Induction: 45MM DEOC Weber carburettor on factory S/T manifold and linkage.

Ignition: Aldon Engineering distributor with Aldon coil. MSD rev limiter. NGK spark plugs

Transmission: Straight cut, close ratioQuaiffe

Cooling System: Radiator: D type core. 13 Sereck row high capacity oil cooler with thermostat control. Water pump standard, with large alloy pulley. Red line water wetter coolant.

Differential: Quaiffe LSD

Lubrication: Engine uses Joe Gibbs 10W/30. 2 qrt Accusump

Fuel system: Holley Red high output electronic fuel pump with pressure regulator

Starter motor: Geared

Brakes: MGB Discs drill & slotted with Hawk Blue pads. Drums are drilled with competition shoes. VH44 brake booster running Castrol 4 dot fluid.

Suspension: Front has 7/8″ roll bar, urethane bushes, adjustred roll centre, Eibach coil springs and uprated lever arm shock absorbers.

Rear has single leaf tapered rear spring, urethane bushes where applicable and Koni adjustable shocks

Wheels & tyres: 15” x 6” splined: Performance Superlites running Toyo R888 tyres

Weight: 869kg (fully fueled including driver)

Body: Factory competition 6” windscreen,

Aluminium ½ tonneau


  Circuit                          Time                                                    

Eastern Creek               2’:03”97             (28/11/09)

Wakefield Park              1’:18”.84            (30/11/03)

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