A Few Weekdays of Winding Woads and a few Winewies

The course for the 2024 Tuning Few Weekdays of Winding Woads and a few Winerwies has been scouted and modified with some exciting routes. We’ve studied, scrutinised and Bev and I have even steered most of it. We will do a final pre-ignition run closer to the date to finalise the actual route.

We will cover around the 1,200 kms again but this time were going for 3 nights (leave Thursday and get home Sunday). My aim at the moment is sometime in September or early October. This way the weather should hopefully still be a little bit cool.

Day 1
We will head off from Hexham. My plan is to go to the Halfway Café on the Putty Rd for morning tea. From there it is to the Hydro Majestic at Medlow Bath for ‘High Tea’ overlooking the Megalong Valley. We’ll then go as close as possible to Jenolan Caves on our way to the 1 st night in Oberon. I don’t think anyone will be able to fit dinner in but the Royal Hotel does a good feed if needed.

Day 2
We will be heading over towards Bathurst on our way to Mudgee for nights 2 and 3. We are going to Sofala then turning left and heading for the magnificently preserved historic Hill End for morning tea/ lunch. Built during the 1870s gold rush, there is lots to see. We’ll hook out mid-afternoon and head over to Mudgee.

Day 3
The next day we’ll hit the roads to explore some of the local vineyards. There are several dozen to choose from. If needed (though it would be nice to drive the MGs) we might hire a bus.

Day 4
We will head back past Ulan to the Golden through to Denman for morning tea and if needed, we can pull into Branxton for lunch.

You will pay for all your own way so accommodation, meals and fuel. There is no additional cost.

High Tea at the Hydro Majestic is something you should do at least once. It will be $60 – $70 pp depending on which you have.

The Big Trout Motel at Oberon is $160 at the moment. Price could increase.

I’m working on Mudgee but hoping around $170/ night.

A quick heads up, I will only have a maximum of 12 couples so it is 1st in, best dressed, with a reserve list kept if needed.

If you wish to put your name down, please let me know asap as I will have to book accommodation.

Steve Jones

2023 Sporting & Clubman Pointscore Awards

The 2023 Sporting & Clubman Pointscore Awards are tabulated each year as per the Pointscore System used by the MGCC Hunter Region.

Sporting Pointscore Winners

  1. Austin Blanch - MGA (name to go on the Club Honour Board)
  2. Gary Piper - MGB
  3. Stephen Jones - MG Midget


  1. Bruce Melville

Clubman Pointscore Winner

MG Magnette

  1. Denny Bowden


  1. Andrew Gowans
  2. Neville Roxby
  3. John Fraser Easton


  1. Peter Le Breton
  2. Larry Dickason
  3. Bob Woods


  1. Charlie Head
  2. Ian Ashton
  3. Howard White - Equal Third Place
  4. Alistair Leask - Equal Third Place


  1. Neville Roxby


  1. Gary Piper
  2. Alan Andoni
  3. Arthur Nicholls


  1. Denny Bowden


  1. Phil and Jenny Mudie

MG Mate

  1. Kay Bowden
  2. Maggie Head
  3. Trish Ashton

Overall Clubman

  1. Denny Bowden (name to go on the Club Honour Board)
  2. Charlie Head
  3. Ian Ashton

Congratluations to all the winners for 2023 & remember....

... if you drive an MG you're already a Winner!




Annual Concours 2023 Results

MG Pre WarRobert Gibson
MG TFDenny BowdenJohn & Una GrecoRoss Kirby
MG Y TypesElliot BurnsBruce Melville
MG MagnettePhil PowellNeville Schofield
MGA RoadsterJohn Fraser-EastonAndrew GowansCenny Wagemaker
MGA Twin CamLeo Pinczewski
MG MidgetBev Jones
MGB MkI RoadsterJohn MortonSteve Jones
MGB MkII RoadsterAlan WylieJohn LongriggGreg Jenkins
MGB L RoadsterDon NobleDoug CampbellGary Muirhead
MGB Rubber Nose RoadsterPeter Le BretonBill VanDerVeenGraham Haywood
MGB GT MkI & IIMatt BlanchDave Young
MGB L GTLouis IppolitoJames HancockAlastair Leask
MGB GT Rubber NoseHoward White
MGB GT V8Don NobleNoel Armstrong
MG RV8Jim Dolbel
MGFLyall ClarkeJeffrey LauffAnne Pettigrew
MGTFArthur Nichols
MG RacingPhil PowellAustin Blanch
Non MarqueAlan BlanchRobert DevereauxPeter Buckley
Outright Pre-MGAMG TF – Denny Bowden
Outright Post TF up to & incl. MGB Rubber NoseMGB GT V8 – Don Noble
Outright Post MGB Rubber NoseMG RV8 – Jim Dolbel

Economic Value of the Heritage Vehicle Sector – SURVEY NSW clubs

Dear Motoring Club Representative
The Australian Motor Heritage Foundation (AMHF) is conducting a survey of heritage vehicle owners to ascertain the contribution that the heritage vehicle sector, both classic and historic, makes to the Australian economy. This survey is fully supported by the Council of Motor Clubs in NSW.
Details about the study can be seen in the attached PDF file which provides more information about the AMHF and the objectives of the Economic Value Study.
The survey, being distributed through clubs like yours, is being conducted on the Survey Monkey platform by the economics advisory firm, The Mercurius Group.
It is anticipated that the survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete and is totally anonymous as we do not capture any private details of respondents.
The survey can be completed by following the link below, which takes you to a preamble of the survey which provides further details and instructions.
We would be grateful if you distribute the survey to all of your members via email as soon as possible.  
We aim to get at least 10-20% of members from each club responding.  The survey will remain “live” until mid September and we may ask you to follow up your members during the course of the next months, depending on response rates.
We will of course share the findings of the study with all participating clubs.
Yours sincerely
The Australian Motor Heritage Foundation

Euro Motorfest 2023

What a wonderful day, and what a wonderful array of marvellous cars. We had 300 cars on the day!
Thanks again to Newcastle City Council, Radio 2NUR, Tyrepower Gateshead, Repco Hamilton, Shannon's Insurance, O'Neills Coffees, The Crafty Pit, Eurospec Diecast Models, all the participating Clubs, the individual car owners, the fantastic team from MGCC Hunter Region, and the General Public who came on the day.
See you in 2024!

Gold Coast MG Car Club Centenary Badge

The Gold Coast MGCC has produced a limited edition Centenary car badge to celebrate one hundred years since the first six MG sports cars were produced.

It is believed that one of these cars (painted yellow) was sold to Oliver Arkell for three hundred pounds and we have represented that car in the badge.

These are available to buy for a limited time for $60.00 each plus $10.00 postage.

If you're interested, please contact Allan Ross (Regalia, Gold Coast MG Car Club) at mg54tf@gmail.com.


MG 2023 National Meeting Sporting Videos

2022 (Delayed) MG CC Hunter Region Concours

The 2022 Concours was unfortunately delayed due to inclement weather conditions and poor ground conditions until Sunday 22nd of January 2023.

Although it was intermittent raining the grounds were still quite hard and we had the Council approval to proceed.

Regrettably the officials scoring of the presented cars on the day were saturated wet after completing their respective tasks. Nonetheless the wet scoring sheets could be read by the counting officials and results can be seen in this magazine.

The following pictorial record is presented for information.

Modern MGF and TF display starting to build.







MGB and MGB GT display area starting to build.

Line-up of first position winning cars for each division of award. See here for the results.


2022 Concours Results

The rollout for the 2022 Concours (yes, held in Jan 2023 - our attempts last year were beset by flooding) was great for yet another wet event day. Congratulations to all folk who brought their cars today, and to the Committee and Members who make these events possible. Well done everyone!

MG Car Club Hunter Region Concours Class Winners

MG TD - Ray Tolcher

MG TD - Denny Bowden

MG Y-Types - Elliot Burns (YT)

MG Roadster/Twin Cam - Andrew Gowans (1600 Mk2)

MG Midget - Bev Jones

MGB MkI Roadster - Stephen Jones (1st) - Paul Embleton (2nd)

MGB MkII Roadster - Alan Wylie (1st) - Greg Jenkins (2nd) - Keith Gibson (3rd)

MGB L Roadster - Doug Campbell

MGB Rubber Nose Roadster - John Woolmer

MGB L GT - Dave Young (1st) - Alistair Leask (2nd) - John Stuart (3rd)

MGB GT V8 - Don Noble (1st) - Noel Armstrong (2nd)

MG RV8 - Peter Dever

MGC Roadster & GT - Ken Campbell (GT)

MGF - Lyall Clarke (1st) - Anne Pettigrew (2nd)

MG TF (Modern) - Alan Brown

MG Z-Series - Lyall Clarke (ZS 180)

MG Specials - Neville Roxby (MGC GT 'Sebring')

Non Marque - Dave Young (1st - Austin 10) - Cenny Wagemaker (2nd TR4) - Paul Mudie (3rd Morris Minor)

Outright Trophies

Pre-MGA - Denny Bowden (MG TF 1500)

Post TF to MGB Rubber Nose - Ken Campbell (MGC GT)

Post MGB Rubber Nose - Lyall Clarke (MGF)