Feb 2020 – Club Nights to Restart

The Committee has taken advice on holding Club Night meetings under COVID directions and determined they can go ahead.

The way it will work is:

  • There are a limited number of places available so members will need to notify a committee member of their intention to attend.
  • The car club has a NSW Government QR code. Members will need to scan in. There will be a committee member at the top of the stairs to assist if needed.
  • If you are feeling unwell, don't come.
  • Seating will be set out with distancing in mind. Family groups can sit closer.
  • Drinks will be available from the bar.
  • Tea and coffee will be available.
  • At this time, if you want some nibbles, it will be BYO and unfortunately no sharing except between family members.
  • No singing will be allowed.
  • No dancing will be allowed.

August 2020 – COVID-19 Restrictions Update

August 2020 – COVID-19 Restrictions Update

Extract from the August Edition of "On The Marque"
President's Report - Stephen Jones

The post-Covid-19 world doesn’t look like getting back to pre-pandemic normal any time soon. Victoria is showing us all what can happen if we take our foot off the accelerator and don’t do what is right for our fellow Aussies.

Your club is stuck between a rock and a hard place. We can’t have any gatherings over our social distanced 20 (16 seated and 4 working) in the clubrooms. We can go for drives in the countryside (at the time of writing) but are we able to find a destination that can cater for us? Groups of 10 are ok but a lot of venues still aren’t open because of the lack of patronage and government restrictions. We can’t run our major fundraising events due to the confines and numbers. We’re doing alright and can continue for a few years yet without getting too worried.

I sincerely hope we can and are providing a service to you to keep you interested in your ‘feel good’ hobby (that’s the MG). We’re always open to constructive ideas.

Committee elections for the 2020/ 2021 club year


Committee elections for the 2020/ 2021 club year

Returning Officer: Stephen Jones

Due to the Covid19 virus restrictions, the election for the committee of the MG Car Club Hunter Region was held by electronic absentee vote.

At the 3rd August 2020 nominations for positions on the committee of the MG Car Club Hunter Region for the 2020/ 2021 club year have closed.

As the Returning Officer I declare that the following positions have been filled with only one nomination for each position.

President: Stephen Jones

Nominated: Stephen Jones   Seconded: Bev Jones

Vice President: Dennis Bowden

Nominated: Dennis Bowden   Seconded: Bev Jones

Secretary: Frans Henskens

Nominated: Dennis Bowden   Seconded: Graham Haywood

Treasurer: Greg Jenkins

Nominated: Greg Jenkins   Seconded: Dennis Bowden

Sporting Director: Gary Piper

Nominated: Dennis Bowden   Seconded: Frans Henskens

Club Captain: Jeff Lauff

Nominated: Jeff Lauff   Seconded Dennis Bowden

Editor: Graham Haywood

Nominated: Dennis Bowden   Seconded: Frans Henskens

Social Secretary: Anne Pettigrew

Nominated: Anne Pettigrew   Seconded: (TBC)

Public Relations Officer: Ian Ashton

Nominated: Ian Ashton   Seconded: Trish Ashton

Regalia: Wendy Crocker

Nominated: Wendy Crocker   Seconded: Gary Crocker

Committee Person: Gary Crocker

Nominated: Gary Crocker   Seconded: Wendy Crocker


June 2020 – Easing of Restrictions

MG Car Club Hunter Region - Announcement of Events for June 2020
Dear Members,
Your Committee met last night to discuss various issues, including the impact on Club activities of the new COVID-19 regulations commencing 1 June 2020.
Members will be pleased to hear that some Club activities are now able to re-commence - but we emphasise that safety of our Membership and of the NSW general public is of paramount importance. All of us must remain absolutely aware of the need for physical distancing (minimum 1.5 metres between people, limit of 10 people per group, and 4 square metres per person when gathering indoors). There are also venue-specific limits on the permitted number of people.
Complying with the regulations is of special importance to protect people aged over 65 - which is a sizeable part of the MGCCHR’s demographic!
Now, to the good news:
Thursday 4 June: from Rob Dunsterville for our square riggers “New NSW Gov regs starting 1 June allow 50 persons in cafes so ... I'd like to email the usual crowd and alert them that the 12 -2 lunch meet is back on at Cafe Inu at Carrington for Thurs 4 June and that concession rego plated cars are OK as it's a club event.”
Sunday 21 June 10 a.m.: Club Captain Jeff Lauff is organising a Clubman Run.
Thursday 25 June 9 a.m.: Club Captain Jeff Lauff is organising a Tuning Run.
Details of the Clubman and Tuning Runs will be advertised in the June edition of On the Marque.
With regards,
Frans (on behalf of the MGCCHR Committee)

Ian & Eric Hancock’s Lenham Midget Special

The Hancock’s Lenham MIdget Special

PURCHASED:   April 2001

RESTORED BY: Eric Hancock




Year:  1965 Midget

Body: Lenham Le Mans Coupe Conversion

Bonnet:  W&P Sebring GT one piece bonnet

Modifications: Body and bonnet widened 4”



Block:  BMC 1275 cc A Series – Rebuilt to standard specifications and balanced.  Unleaded head conversion.

Induction:  Twin 1 ½” HS4 SU Carbs

Ignition:  Electronic ignition

Exhaust:  Extractors – 2” Exhaust



Gearbox:  Five Speed Toyota T3 – Dellow Conversion Kit

Differential:  BMC  3.7:1



Radiator:  Austin 1800

Water Pump:  EWP Electric Water Pump

Fan:  Electric Fan



Front:  Standard Springs; ¾” Sway bar; Negative camber trunnion bushes

Rear:  Midget Rubber Bumper Springs; Telescopic Damper Conversion



Wheels:  Rebel 13”x 6 “

Tyres:  Goodyear Ducaro 185/65R x 13”



Navigation:  Halda Twin Master


Mechanically the rebuild was oriented towards reliability for use in Historic Navigation Rallies.  The 5 speed and tall diff (3.7, maybe just a touch too tall) were suited to the longer distances covered in the events.   We also soon found the “rubber bumper” rear springs were essential to give the car sufficient height with a crew of two, equipment for a days driving and to cope with the country roads. The extra 4″ of space in the cabin of the Midget was a side benefit of the wider body. The body had been widened by the previous owner to fit bigger rubber under the car for racing.




More information about the Lenham can be found on http://www.lenhammotorcompanyltd.com.

Full conversion kits are still available from the company in the UK as well as Sebring Sprites.

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Austin Blanch’s MGA


Owner: Austin Blanch

Model: 1958 MGA

Engine: BMC ‘B’ Series 1868cc

Built By: Austin Blanch

Purchased: 1977  



Engine: ‘B’ series bored to 1868cc, Argo rods with Lotus Cosworth forged pistons. Crankshaft is standard with scraper. APT camshaft 1.6:1 roller rockers with chrome moly tubular pushrods. Alloy flywheel, sump baffled + windage tray. Stage 4 head with extractors.

Compression ratio: 11.8:1

Peak Power output: 123hp @ 5500rpm

Induction: 45MM DEOC Weber carburettor on factory S/T manifold and linkage.

Ignition: Aldon Engineering distributor with Aldon coil. MSD rev limiter. NGK spark plugs

Transmission: Straight cut, close ratioQuaiffe

Cooling System: Radiator: D type core. 13 Sereck row high capacity oil cooler with thermostat control. Water pump standard, with large alloy pulley. Red line water wetter coolant.

Differential: Quaiffe LSD

Lubrication: Engine uses Joe Gibbs 10W/30. 2 qrt Accusump

Fuel system: Holley Red high output electronic fuel pump with pressure regulator

Starter motor: Geared

Brakes: MGB Discs drill & slotted with Hawk Blue pads. Drums are drilled with competition shoes. VH44 brake booster running Castrol 4 dot fluid.

Suspension: Front has 7/8″ roll bar, urethane bushes, adjustred roll centre, Eibach coil springs and uprated lever arm shock absorbers.

Rear has single leaf tapered rear spring, urethane bushes where applicable and Koni adjustable shocks

Wheels & tyres: 15” x 6” splined: Performance Superlites running Toyo R888 tyres

Weight: 869kg (fully fueled including driver)

Body: Factory competition 6” windscreen,

Aluminium ½ tonneau


  Circuit                          Time                                                    

Eastern Creek               2’:03”97             (28/11/09)

Wakefield Park              1’:18”.84            (30/11/03)

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Stephen Jones’ 1973 MG Midget


‘Myf’ and Steve at Ringwood Hillclimb

Owner: Stephen Jones

City: Newcastle NSW Australia

Model: 1973 MG Midget

Engine: BMC A-Series 1327.4cc (+060)

Built by: 1990 by Geoff Foster/ Stephen Jones 2006


‘Myf” is a 1973 MG Midget (US Spec). In 1990 Geoff Foster purchased her and built her into a race car. Geoff campaigned her around many of Victoria’s famous tracks until November 2000.

Steve Jones purchased the car in a very sad state in December 2007. She went into Steve’s workshop and underwent a full restoration. The car was completely stripped and the body sandblasted revealing an extreme lack of bodywork (rust). New inner & outer sills, A-pillars, footwells and lower rear guards were either purchased or made. Although the basics were there, Steve re-engineered a number of areas including the doors, boot, interior, wiring, engine breathing, front and rear suspension.

Every component was checked and repaired/ modified or replaced. Steve and a few mates did virtually all the work in Steve’s shed. The car was painted and after 12 months work, she had her first test run on a closed road. Here first race meeting in Steves’ hands was at a GEAR meeting in December 2008 where she instantly showed her potential. Since then Myf has competed at:

  • Oran Park (GP) – 1′:26″:93
  • Oran Park (south) – :52”:69
  • Wakefield Park – 1’:11”.63
  • Eastern Creek – 1’:55”:38
  • Mt Panorama – 3’:04”.01
  • Phillip Island – 2’:00”.95
  • Sandown Raceway – 1′:35″:84
  • Winton Raceway ( long) – 1′:45″:16
  • Ringwood Hillclimb (original short) – 32”.39
  • Ringwood Hillclimb (long) – 42″:64
  • Rob Roy Hill Climb – 26″:02
  • King Edward Park Hillclimb – 44”.04
  • At the 2011 MG National Meeting in Newcastle NSW, Steve and ‘Myf’ took the outright Hillclimb as well as outright Motorkhana trophies
  • Took the 2014 Australian Hillclimb title for Marque Sports < 1600ccat Ringwood Hill Climb (long)
  • took outright speed event title at 2014 MG National Meeting in Victoria (Rob Roy Hill Climb)

All of these (except for Mt Panorama) can be seen on Youtube.

Shannons Insurance



1327.4cc ‘A’ series block with thick flange bored +.060″ to 72.1mm x 81.28 stroke. Omega pressure cast pistons with machined tops to allow for the 1.5/1 lift ratio. Compression ratio: 12:1. Lightened crankshaft, wedged, cross-drilled, Tuftrided and fully balanced with large main bearings and a steel centre bearing cap for extra rigidity. Pauter rods, ARP bolts. APT Fast race cam. Aluminium Flywheel with a steel facing. Aluminium backing plate. Fully baffled sump. 2-quart Accusump fitted.


Single Weber 45 DCOE carburetor on long neck manifold. K&N filter with 75mm ram tubes.


NGK BP6ES spark plugs. Lucas based Aldon Automotive Distributor with Ignitor II electronic ignition. Aldon Flamethrower coil.


High flow VW Golf radiator. 16 row oil cooler. Manually controlled electric fan.


3 into 2 extractors then 2 into 1. 2” system running through the car. Single box muffler. Jet coated headers with exhaust wrap through the car.


MG Midget/ Needham 4-speed box with straight cut close ratio gears.

Ratios:  1st – 2.4:1, 2nd – 1.611:1, 3rd – 1.24:1,  4th – 1:1

Ceramic cruciform type clutch

Front Suspension:

CD Cortina Stub axles with Midget hubs. Nylatron bushings. 3/4″ anti-roll bar (removed for Hillclimbs). Uprated and lowered coil springs Frontline Telescopic conversion. AVO telescopic adjustable shock absorbers.

Rear Suspension:

Nylatron bushings. Lowering blocks. Koni adjustable telescopic shock absorbers. Panhard rod. Strut braces were made for the rear spring mounts in the boot up to roll bar welded onto chassis in the boot. Tramp rods fitted when needed.


Quaffe limited-slip differential. 3.7:1 or 4.2:1 ratios.

CIG locked diffs. 4.875:1


7/8″ Master Cylinder. Standard drums (modified backing plates) with 9 1/2″ CD Cortina slotted discs. MGB calipers with Hawk Black pads and Mintex M20b competition rear shoes. 0.8″ MGB rear wheel cylinders. Wilwood Adjustable Proportioning valve.Braided brake & clutch hoses.

Wheels & Tyres:

Toyo R888 205/60/13 on 13″ x 7″ Minilite style alloy rims for normal racing.

Lifeguard Tyres Cessnock

Electrical & Instruments:

Autometer 8000 RPM Tachometer. MSD Shift light and soft touch rev limiter. 120mph MGB speedo. Rev limiter set to 8000rpm. Smiths oil temp gauge as well as the original Smiths oil pressure/ water temp gauge. 50lb oil pressure warning light.

Fuel System:

JAZ Fuel Cell 45.42lt. High output Mallory electronic fuel pump with pressure regulator. Longacre fuel pump cut off switch (12psi oil pressure).

Body Modifications:

Fibreglass guards, bonnet, doors, flares, boot lid. Inner front guards removed. Roll cage built to CAMS regulations. Sparco racing seat. 6 point 3” ERG racing safety harness. Front valance with hole cut for improved airflow over the oil cooler and brakes. Aluminium Tourneau cover.


650 Kg’s (fully fueled without driver)


103.8 RWHP

Racing Class:

CAMS logbooked Group 2B Marque Sports

Steve would like to thank Warren at Warners Bay Radiators for his invaluble help in everything to do with cooling MG’s, race cars and tow cars.

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Asho’s August 2017 report

They say how time travels fast when you’re having fun….well, that’s what I’ve been having as your President for the last three years. They also say all good things must come to an end. Well, that’s also true, as I won’t be standing for re-election at your Club’s AGM on 8th August. It’s time for a new leader with fresh ideas and a new approach.
We again had a great turnout at the July club meeting where members enjoyed hearing from guest speaker Val Herb from MTA travel. Val provides a personal approach with her 37 years’ experience as a travel agent, by coming to you at work or home to arrange your holiday travel.
As outgoing President, I am confident that your committee has provided members with a good broad range of activities, including trips away, club nights, film nights, the opportunity to attend an annual MG national event, Clubman Runs, Midweek Runs, Tuning Runs, car displays and for those who enjoy a bit of competition, track and hill climb events.
I have always considered the monthly Clubman Runs to be one of the best club activities so please organise your program to attend as many as you can and remember Clubman Runs go towards your annual point score! Most importantly though, you are enjoying your MG (or other sports car marque, social members!) with similar minded friends.
A reminder to our newer members to endeavour to attend an away trip like the Forster Keys fun weekend or the annual trip to GOF (Gathering of the Faithful) at Wagga. By the way, our 2017 trip to Wagga is coming up again in early September and I know that Captain Paul Smith has a few vacancies, so if you want to have a great time on a great trip with great friends, give Paul a call on 0412 850176 and book a spot!
The committee has decided to have this year’s “MG Concours” on a Saturday to encourage more of our members who live outside the Hunter Region to come along, display their cars and enjoy Saturday night out and Sunday breakfast with the rest of us! Please make a note of the date Saturday 4th November. The event will be at Lambton Park. We will be joined in the park on the day by a food and wine festival which should be a great event to complement our display of MGs.
Equally important as the MG Concours is your Club Presentation Day which will start with a local Clubman Run and finish back at the Club for lunch followed by the presentation of trophies. Make a note of the date Sunday 17th September and try to be there.
Finally, I would like to thank my committee member colleagues who have done a sterling job over the last three years to ensure that your Club ran efficiently. Several committee members won’t be standing for re-election next year, so I encourage as many members (as we have seats) to come along and put their hand up for a committee position.
Additionally, your attendance at the A.G.M. is encouraged, as one of my last official duties as President, will be to present a trophy to a special member.
Trish and I look forward to seeing you at Club meetings and Clubman runs in the future.
My final definition is “braking point” which is ostensibly the last point before a corner that you can apply the brakes and still negotiate the curve using the correct apex and exit points. Actually, a constantly moving spot on the racing circuit prior to corners. Its position is directly related to the proximity of other competitors!
Enjoy your MG with friends!

Ian (Asho) Ashton