2022 Concours Results

The rollout for the 2022 Concours (yes, held in Jan 2023 - our attempts last year were beset by flooding) was great for yet another wet event day. Congratulations to all folk who brought their cars today, and to the Committee and Members who make these events possible. Well done everyone!

MG Car Club Hunter Region Concours Class Winners

MG TD - Ray Tolcher

MG TD - Denny Bowden

MG Y-Types - Elliot Burns (YT)

MG Roadster/Twin Cam - Andrew Gowans (1600 Mk2)

MG Midget - Bev Jones

MGB MkI Roadster - Stephen Jones (1st) - Paul Embleton (2nd)

MGB MkII Roadster - Alan Wylie (1st) - Greg Jenkins (2nd) - Keith Gibson (3rd)

MGB L Roadster - Doug Campbell

MGB Rubber Nose Roadster - John Woolmer

MGB L GT - Dave Young (1st) - Alistair Leask (2nd) - John Stuart (3rd)

MGB GT V8 - Don Noble (1st) - Noel Armstrong (2nd)

MG RV8 - Peter Dever

MGC Roadster & GT - Ken Campbell (GT)

MGF - Lyall Clarke (1st) - Anne Pettigrew (2nd)

MG TF (Modern) - Alan Brown

MG Z-Series - Lyall Clarke (ZS 180)

MG Specials - Neville Roxby (MGC GT 'Sebring')

Non Marque - Dave Young (1st - Austin 10) - Cenny Wagemaker (2nd TR4) - Paul Mudie (3rd Morris Minor)

Outright Trophies

Pre-MGA - Denny Bowden (MG TF 1500)

Post TF to MGB Rubber Nose - Ken Campbell (MGC GT)

Post MGB Rubber Nose - Lyall Clarke (MGF)