Historic & Classic Vehicles Log Book Fact Sheet

Dear car club organisations and representatives

Transport for NSW is pleased to share with you the historic and classic vehicle log book and club runs fact sheet.

<View Here on the MGCC HR Website>

The fact sheet has been created to address some of the frequently asked questions from car club members about the log book.

Please share the fact sheet with your members and contacts.

The fact sheet has come about thanks to feedback from the Historic and Classic Working Group with representatives from NSW Police, the Council of Heritage Motor Clubs, the Council of Motor Clubs, the NSW Historic Motoring Association, the Motorcycle Council of NSW, the National Historic Machinery Association and the Australian Confederation of Motor Clubs.

We look forward to continuing to work with industry representatives to give car clubs and members the information they need.

We’d also like to encourage all organisation and car club members to sign up to receive DRIVE, our quarterly newsletter for road safety and regulation updates. The latest edition of DRIVE features an article about the Shannons Sydney Classic at Eastern Creek NSW, where many historic and classic vehicles were on display.

Kind regards,

Matthew Cafe
Manager Partnerships
Safety, Environment and Regulation
Transport for NSW 

Transport for NSW
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